Our Mission

To develop leaders who collaborate to solve problems using technology while making themselves and their community a better place.

Our Vision

To build the capacity in ourselves and our community to solve the problems of the future together.

Why Sponsor?

Running a robotics program costs a lot of money. When you sponsor us, you impact not only our school, but everyone we meet at our meets and the local communities. All sponsorship and donations are welcome, but when you sponsor us at $100 or more you become eligible for different perks listed below. If you want to sponsor us please contact our Business team at metalknightsFTC@gmail.com

Sponsorship Levels

You will receive the rewards from tiers you apply for (E.g. If you donate $500 you will receive rewards from the $100 and $500 Tier).

Bronze Sponsor - $100 +

  • We will send you monthly emails informing you of what the team has accomplished.
  • We will add your logo to our website with a embedded link to your website.

Silver Sponsor - $500 +

  • We will send a digital photo of our team
  • We will send you copies of our logo for any marketing you would like to use it for.
  • We will put your logo on a presentation board, which we will bring with us to every event.
  • We will put your logo on the team robot which will be seen by the audience.

Gold Sponsor - $1000 +

  • We will add your logo will be added to our banner, which we hang at all of our events.
  • We will add your logos size on the Presentation Board will be increased.
  • We will print a large poster of your logo to be brought and hung to each Metal Knights event

Robotics Demonstrations

The Metal Knights team believes in impacting the community around us. For all of our sponsors, our team is willing to go to a business or event of your choice to give a demonstration about robotics.

Mentorship Opportunity

The Metal Knights team doesn’t need just money, we team needs experience. The Metal Knights team encourages you to reach out to us about joining our team as a mentor. This would include coming to some of our regular meetings and/or competitions and inputting knowledge and wisdom into our team.

Contact Us!

Feel free to get in contact with our team at any time. Contact us at metalknightsFTC@gmail.com and our dedicated team will have a response soon.