Meet the Team


Alexander Terry

Alex is a senior at Colony High School. Alex is the head programmer on the team. Alex’s plan after high school is to get a job as a software engineer.


Alekszander McCormick

Aleks is 16 and is currently in 10th grade at Colony High School. Aleks is in charge of building the robot; everyone can add on to the robot as long as I am informed first. I don’t know what my future holds; I don’t really have any plans for what I want to do.


Morgan Fronek

Morgan is 14 and is attending the ninth grade at Colony High School. Morgan is the business leader for our team. Morgan’s future plans are to graduate high school while staying with FTC the entire time and going to a good college.

Micah Nashold

Micah Nashold is 15 years old and is currently enrolled as a 10th grader at Colony High School. He is the secondary Programmer in the Metal Knights. Micah plans to be a programmer after High School.

Jaydon McQueen

Jaydon is 15 and attends 10th grade at Colony High School. He is a builder in the robotics team. Jaydon grew up playing with Legos and it inspired a want to build something that will help people.

Elizabeth Sadler



Nicholas Reyes

Nick is a Senior at CHS and is 18 years of age. On the robotics team, Nick helps with a little bit of everything, primarily the business end things. Something he plans to do after High School is to go and join the Coast Guard and live life from there.

Kael Mitchel


Ashley Terry

Ashley is in choir and robotics, and when she’s not hanging with her friends she’s in the band hall. Ashley is 16 years old and in the 11th grade at Colony High School. Her future plans are to become a chef with my own restaurant.

Brian Mead


Brison Mead

Brison 13 years old, in 8th grade at Colony Middle School, and he thinks he is a positive motivator for the team!

Stephen DeFillipo

Stephen is 15 years of age in sophomore year at Colony High School and just joined the robotics team. He plans on working with machinery in the far future and in the future.

Christin Starrett

Christin is a 14-year-old freshman. She’s ¬†on the building side of the robotics team. When Christins’s older she wants to go to a good college and major in either Law Enforcement or Forensic Science.

Will Lamb

Will is 16, he is good at electronics and looks to be an electrical engineer in his future.

Ana Meyer

Ana is a 14-year-old freshman who does programming. She plans to do something in the IT field or video-game programming.

Keet Lorrigan

Keet Tlien Lorrigan is 16 years old and is a sophomore at Colony High School. His position on the team is an assistant builder. He hopes to gain valuable experience on the Metal Knights Robotics Team.


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