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Sky Stone Teaser

This years teaser has been released! The official game release is on Saturday, September 7th.

MSBSD Tech Expo

We partnered with the Wasilla High FTC team at the Tech Expo in a colaborative effort to premote FIRST through hands on demonstrations in driving the robots. We let people from the crowd drive some of the robots in the feild. We helped direct some the younger people tward the FLL teams that were set up. We even premoted FTC to the FLL kids.

ASTE Conference Robot in a Day

We attended the ASTE conference with the Wasilla High Robotics team as well as AkoRN 15440 to teach teachers how to teach robotics in their schools. We gave presentations on how FTC operates, the basics of coding in FTC blocks, and helped them build their own robots to complete the tasks that we had set up. Most of the teachers had some background in technology, however not a lot had backgrounds in programing. It was a great event and we saw some impressive robots built in roughly 6 hours.

Becoming a Knight

We showcased our robot & team to incoming students of Colony High. We showed them some footage from the Rover Ruckus Alaska state championship and explained to them how the FIRST Tech Challenge game operates.